Dawood University of Engineering & Technology

The Acquisition system

  • The Vice Chancellor of Dawood University of Engineering & Technology, Directors, Departmental Heads, Deans and all faculty members are authorized to select the library material according to their needs and requirements through lists/Requisition forms which are provided by Librarian of the Central Library.
  • The selected books by authorities mentioned above are forwarded to the library committee for approval, after that the case is referred back to the librarian/ Incharge Central Library who completes the final documents and other necessary requirements including:
    • – Confirming from the catalogue to avoid duplication of required books. If that book is already available in the library, mentioning the same in the “Remarks” column and informing the indenter.
    • – Obtain quotations from authorized suppliers for the procurement of publications and again acquire the approval from the library committee.
    • – Prepare Comparison of all recommended books and publications recommended by the faculty and obtain permission from the library committee for final approval.
  • After approval of library committee, minutes of library committee meeting are approved from Vice Chancellor for ordering to the vender / publisher.
  • Purchase officer places an order to the local vendor, supplier or directly to the publisher after acquiring the approval of competent authority for acquiring the library material/collection.
  • The supplier supplies the required library material along with payment invoice / bill.
  • Heads of every department verifies the quality, quantity and specification of received Books in the Central Library /store section DUET. And then after verification and satisfactory report by Concern Head of department, the books/material is sent to Central library for technical process.